Where is the best beach Holiday?

This is perhaps one of the biggest questions entered into Google for much of the summer holiday season in the UK. So where is the best beach holiday? We will try to help answer this question. And, yes we're biased of course but this is a great opportunity to provide some helpful tips and insights to Mundesley Beach in Norfolk.


How to choose a beach holiday?

This is easier to answer, you must start by asking yourself what you want from your beach holiday? If the answer is, loud noise, arcades and commercial views then, Great Yarmouth is a good location. However, if like many, you are looking for the quintessential British seaside village environment with gorgeous family-owned coffee shops and a local chippy, then there are a host of great Norfolk beaches to choose from.


Do you want a blue flag beach?

If you are looking for high-quality British beaches then they are represented by a standard which helps you to identify the general cleanliness. Blue flag beaches are the best ones to choose as they meet these criteria, which go to help you find a lovely clean, desirable beach.


Does Mundesley have a promenade?

Yes, it does, there is a victorian promenade in Mundesley, which displays some beautiful beach huts, and pretty cliff-top gardens.


We believe that the best beach holiday can be had in Mundesley

This is because it is a relaxed, pretty Norfolk seaside town, build from fishing and Victorian leisure, so it houses some of the most fantastic buildings and shops.


Mundesley Norfolk is the best beach holiday because, it's relatively quiet and great for young kids or older adults looking for a break in the UK.  It presents a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the UK weather come rain or shine and being in Norfolk, the weather is mainly better than in the West.


Beach Cottage Mundesley

If you are looking for an Cottage or Cottage Style Apartment with a full range of facilities, recently renovated, then consider our Beach Cottage Mundesley or you can see our Mundesley Holiday Cottage page here.