Is Mundesley worth visiting?

We think Mundesley is worth visiting, and in this article, we explain why.

A blue flag beach, with a fresh openness, even in the heat of summer, the Mundesley coast is quintessentially North Norfolk. It is the summary of all the best things about Norfolk and the reasons for visiting this magical and timeless holiday sport, popular with so many.

So why is Mundesley worth visiting?

First, while Mundesley is worth visiting on its own and there is lots to do, if you need convincing, read this article on visiting places of interest in Norfolk.

Mundesley is a nostalgic fishing village with throwbacks to its former glory as a VIctorian holiday destination.

When we visited Mundesley as a family and watched our kids playing on the beach and enjoying the gorgeous promenade, we knew that we wanted to spend more time here. Mundesley had always been a place we'd loved to visit, it is not far from our home and just 20 miles from Norwich.

We then decided that this was an amazing opportunity to buy a Holiday Let in Norfolk and allow others to enjoy this fantastic and enchanting Holiday location. The apartment is in a cottage style with modern amenities and this makes it accessible for our older customers who are looking for Luxury cottages for 2 in North Norfolk.

Holiday Lets Mundesley Beach

Why Mudesley is our first choice

Mundesley is our first choice, and it could be yours too!

  • Mundesley is perfect for families
  • Mundesley is ideal for couples of all ages
  • It is a great location for seaside walks
  • There are local cafes with cakes and scones
  • Award-winning pubs and gastropubs are nearby
  • Mundesley's architecture and buildings are a sight to behold.
  • The post office is listed thanks to its uniqueness.
  • Mundesley's beach is one of the finest in North Norfolk
  • It is one of the few coastal villages with a promenade


Mundesley is an ideal holiday spot it offers restaurants and pubs, it provides the romantic and nostalgic feelings of a bygone era and it also makes you forget the hubbub of life, enjoy and reflect on your well-being.


We offer two opportunities to stay with us at Holiday Lets Norfolk; 

A Great North Norfolk Beach Stay

Holiday Cottage Mundesley

This very spacious, luxurious and comfortable ground floor apartment in Mundesley, North Norfolk (also known as Sea Sounds), is a 2-minute walk from the beach. It is one of 7 apartments in a small, quiet building that overlooks the sea. Mundesley has a Blue Flag sandy beach and promenade and lots of local amenities for visitors. Mundesley is within a conservation area and is a traditional seaside resort with wide open stretches of beach. The apartment can sleep 4 and accommodate a dog. It also benefits from private parking and a large, private patio/garden area.